Lo de Osvaldo

Our history

Lo De Osvaldo founded on December 6, 2012, was born under the concept of the classic Paraguayan barbecue with haute cuisine techniques and at the same time offers a journey through the history of Paraguayan soccer.

Our type of cuisine follows the ancient technique of using different types of firewood, fire and charcoal.

We provide meats with a flavor and tenderness that make us go one step further. The innovation will also come to the accompaniments, which receive a treatment worthy of the main course.

The Tiger of Paraguayan Soccer

The birth of our brand Lo De Osvaldo is in honor of Mr. Osvaldo Dominguez Dibb - ODD better known as "The Tiger of Paraguayan Soccer".

Osvaldo Dominguez Dibb, the incredible world of a winner, in it coexist strength and simplicity. He was born on August 5, 1940 and from a very young age he liked street football, which at that time was played on vacant lots, on neighborhood cobblestones. He tells us: Since I have reason, I am an Olimpia - he clarifies - Through my mother I became an Olimpia. Then basketball player; first I played for school, then for Sport Unión

and at 19 I went to Olimpia. I remember that in the '60s throughout the championship, I had not played a single minute of any game and with 3 minutes to go before the final with Nacional, as there was no longer a substitute, the coach made me enter the court and I was lucky to convert 3 consecutive doubles and we were champions.

"Olimpia is my life". I practically played basketball for 14 years and was president for 17 years. For me, Olimpia in Paraguay symbolizes a popular image with a winning mentality, which no government gave to this country. Olimpia gave Paraguayan youth a winning mentality through what is popular: soccer.

Married to "La Gringa" Peggy Wilson-Smith with whom he is still in love today. Julio Osvaldo's father, Diana, Astrid, Alejandro, Cristian and Emilio.

Osvaldo Dominguez Dibb - ODD, is the most successful leader of Paraguayan Soccer; He is nationally and internationally recognized for having been president of the Club Olimpia de Paraguay; Under his presidency, Club Olimpia won 14 Titles, one Intercontinental Cup, three Copa Libertadores de América, two Recopa Sudamericana, one Intercontinental Cup and one Inter-American Cup.

The History of Paraguayan Soccer